Why Are Electricians So Expensive?

Electricians are among the top five highest-paid professions without a degree. Learn why they are so expensive and how you can save money.

Why Are Electricians So Expensive?

Electricians are among the top five highest-paid professions without a degree. For years, society has directed high school students to college, resulting in fewer people entering the skilled trades. This lack of skilled labor has caused wages to rise, and an electrician with 15 years of experience earns more per hour than a new one at work. Electricians are expensive for a variety of reasons, including their training, insurance costs, and the need for a comfortable working environment. Electricians must have a general officer's certificate, which requires 4,000 hours of experience and an exam for a residential trade.

This is equivalent to just under two years of full-time work. In comparison, master's degrees take much longer to obtain. The danger inherent in any type of electrical work contributes to the high cost, mainly due to the cost of insurance. Electricians must have health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and liability insurance, which can quickly add up. When you go to an online contractor search service, you will be presented with a short list of electricians interested in working on your project.

It's not always possible to wait until the next morning or the day of the week before calling an electrician for work. If this is the case, ask if the electrician can use less expensive materials or if they can buy the item in bulk to receive a discount. Travel, supplies, and overheads are sometimes included in the hourly rate, although some electricians provide an itemized starting invoice with hourly rates separate from all other costs. Ask if the electrician can also guarantee this price or if there is the possibility of additional costs. The costs you might face will depend on the electrician in question, your location, your home, and the type of work you need to do. Another part of providing a comfortable working environment for the electrician is usually leaving them alone.

Cross-reference review sites with your original findings to narrow that short list down to just two or three electricians. As a homeowner, you have the option of accepting the quote or continuing to search for alternative electricians. This can help you save money in the long run. When you have decided to have an electrician do the work, you should get a breakdown of how much they cost. It's always worth calling and talking to an electrician because you might be able to get a better rate for the service you need than you expect, depending on the complexity involved.

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